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Dr. Erik Matser

clinical neuropsychologist
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about brain injury, talent detection and talent optimization
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"Succes is a combination of talent, opportunities and communication."

Dr. Erik Matser

Talent is detectable, can be optimized and is the creative force in life. Knowing the opportunities to optimize talent and knowing how to communicate talent creates market leadership by competitive advantage.

Ignorance of the neuroscience creating talent kills life force and successful business. Talent optimization and burnout are two sides of the same coin.


CSN is the starting point for making organizations successful and for optimizing performance of their people. Our field of expertise concerns the application of sociotechnology in the field of talent detection, talent optimization, the prevention of burn out of talent and how to equip organizations to get the best out of the employees. We use knowledge from our peer reviewed research and neurosciences to detect talent for your organization. We also give you tools to optimize this talent and to organize your organization into an ever evolving system. We also give your company insights on how to prevent burnout of talent and to apply burnout prevention methods. Our people work in top football, business life, training institutes and international organizations.

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Masterclass: Burn-out

CNS offers a preventive burnout programme for firms, focusing on insight into its root causes (almost always a combination of perfectionism and environmental characteristics) and how to treat people who suffer from a burnout .